Cloud Engineering

Cloud Engineering

Agility is vital for business operations with reusable development artifacts. To achieve cloud-native results of improved performance, businesses now have faster, more flexible, and cost-effective solutions that re-engineer their tightly coupled monolithic applications into loosely coupled microservices. Today, Cloud Engineering solutions are not just good-to-have but are essential for organizations; aiding them to make data-driven and insight-rich decisions, taking their business to the next level.

Kloud9’s Cloud Engineering practice leverages on modern technologies like Microservices, IoT, Containers, Agile Methodology, Multi-Cloud, AI/ML,CI/CD and more, offering customers an accelerated pace of development and preparing highly transformed organizations for growth.

Kloud9 Advantages

Our Cloud Engineering simplifies purchase processes, speeds up delivery and ordering times, reduces cost of inventory levels, and brings more business value for our customers. Our Cloud Engineering expertise lies in Cloud Migration and Cloud DevOps services which ensures that our clients across Retail and Consumer Goods, Healthcare and Manufacturing opt for the most feasible cloud service provider, to reduce risks, saves cost, optimize productivity and profitability over-time, with exponential impact on their Mobile, Sales & Marketing and Operations.

Kloud9’s pre-built accelerators Automata Infra and Automata Micro enable automated creation & deployment of infrastructure, supporting the next-gen enterprise architecture.  

Our AI Driven Infrastructure (AIDI) platform provides round the clock monitoring, real-time recommendations to right-size the infrastructure and optimizes billing costs.

Kloud9’s 50+ Certified Cloud experts enable the customer’s end-to-end journey from on-premise legacy systems to the Cloud, all the way from design to deployment, leading them to become a digitally transformed organization.

Faster Migration

Faster application migration process with quick turnaround time

Retailers Bridge

Acts as bridge to improve productivity & optimize brand decisions

Customizable Solutions

Reusable components & customizable solutions based on requirements

Engagement Models

Customized models to drive & achieve quality, time to market products


Effective Omni-channel experience & insights for business performances

Risk and Compliance

Adherence to risk, governance and compliance policies requirements

Cloud Engineering Services Case Studies

Making Cloud Infrastructure Intelligent Using Al Refactoring The Product Management System On GCP


Canada Headquartered $5 Billion Retailer America's Largest Department Store


After Investing Heavily in Cloud Infrastructure, the Retailer was posed with Various Problems related to Costs. Demand Planning and Infrastructure Provisioning during and after their Peak Season Retailer's Existing Monolith Application did not Support Bulk Creation and Update of Products due to Scalability Issues. Setting up of a Product Style of 20 Variants used to take at least 48 Hours

Solutions / Services

Kloud9's AIDI Platform enabled. Round the Clock Monitoring and Real Time Recommendations to Right Size their Infrastructure and for Peak Events & Optimize their Billing Costs Using GCP and its Proprietary Tool AUTOMATA, Kloud9 deployed a Micro Service based Application. which could be scaled at will... Leveraging AUTOMATA also helped in Automating the Deployment Process and associated Repetitive Tasks.

Value Proposition

By Using Kloud 9's AIDI Platform 70% of the Cloud based Systems were optimized within the First 6 Months They were also able to Implement a 0% Human Intervention Recommendation System With the new Cloud based System, the Retailer achieved 100% Scalability and reduced the Time for Bulk Product Creation from 48 Hours 2 Hours. They were also able to Automate all Future AUTOMATA. Deployments using


Adaptability is the single most important attribute for long-term success in competitive business landscapes across Retail, Consumer Goods, Healthcare and Manufacturing. Kloud9’s Cloud DevOps ecosystem helps customers across industries cut long development cycles and embrace new cloud application development tools and processes to streamline the CI/CD and DevOps culture. Applying our Cloud DevOps agile practices and tools makes organizational processes run faster and smoother by automating key steps and improves standardization and operational efficiency.

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With Cloud Migration capabilities, organizations across Retail, Consumer Goods, Healthcare and Manufacturing can migrate any workload from on-premises to cloud. The workloads include website, applications, virtual or physical servers and more.  

Kloud9’s Cloud Migration services enable businesses to efficiently migrate to the cloud and gain business value faster.

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Kloud9’s Cloud Engineering Services Accelerates Customers’ Journey to the Cloud

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