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With Automation solutions like DevOps, MLOps and  DataOps, Kloud9 drives end-to-end application modernization across organizations. We help customers across Retail, Consumer Goods, Healthcare create new applications and migrate existing ones to the cloud faster and easier.

Kloud9’s DevOps, MLOps and DataOps Capabilities


In simple words, the main goal of DevOps is to remove the barriers between two traditionally siloed teams such as development and operations. When these two teams work together, business can optimize operational efficiency and improve productivity of the developers.  

According to the new report by Markets and Markets, “The DevOps market size is expected to grow from USD 3.4 billion in 2018 to USD 10.3 billion by 2023, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 24.7% during the forecast period.The growth of the DevOps market is driven by many factors, such as increasing complexities in applications, growing need for continuous and fast application delivery, and applications running in the dynamic IT environment. With the increase in the adoption rate of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) among enterprises, the DevOps market is expected to gain a major traction during the forecast period.”

Kloud9 provides clients across Retail, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing and Healthcare with an integrated DevOps experience for all their business applications. Kloud9’s DevOps services include managing infrastructure, deploying application code, automating software release processes, CI/CD, and monitoring client applications and infrastructure performance.

Key Business Benefits of DevOps

Kloud9 DevOps approach is lean and agile software delivery, promoting closer collaboration between different lines of business, development and IT operations. Kloud9 DevOps enables organizations to make informed decisions and achieve business value faster.


According to Market Research Reports, “The global Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) size is estimated to be USD million in 2026 from USD million in 2020, with a change % between 2020 and 2021. The global Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of % for the next five years.”

MLOps refers to the process of managing, automating and accelerating the Machine Learning (ML) lifecycle thereby enabling data scientists and IT experts to work together and speed up the pace of model development and deployment.

Kloud9 provides customers across Retail, Consumer Goods, Healthcare and Manufacturing with MLOps services spanning across building, deploying and maintaining ML models using established engineering best practices such as CI/CD pipelines, agile methodology, microservices and more.

With a Key Focus on Collaboration Between Data Scientists and Operations Experts Kloud9’s MLOps Includes

Kloud9’s MLOps services keeps clients costs low, simplifies management, accelerates time to value significantly and manages the ML lifecycle through automation and scalability.


Businesses across industries like Retail, Consumer Goods, Healthcare and Manufacturing are looking for ways to improve their operational efficiency and effectiveness to enable informed decision-making, especially due to traditional silos within an organization. To be able to use the power of data for decision making, enterprises need to readily adopt new digital and automation technologies. Leveraging the power of automation, Kloud9’s DataOps services enables businesses to rectify issues related ineffective data management.

DataOps is an amalgamation of people, processes and technology to deliver effective, business-ready data to business teams across industries.

Significant Benefits of DataOps

Do you know your organization’s data? Do you trust it? Can you quickly detect data errors? To answer these questions, Kloud9’s DataOps experts are here to help.
As a leading Automation services provider, Kloud9 can help your organization find and implement the perfect DevOps, MLOps and DataOps solutions for your business requirements.
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