Data Hub for Relex

Reduce Integration Complexity and Time to Implement

What is Data Hub for Relex?

Data Hub for Relex is designed to simplify
implementation of Relex solution for retail allowing organizations to gain faster speed to value but also standardize and abstract interfaces and pipelines between operational systems and Relex.
  1. Data acquisition: The solution ingests data from multiple sources using configurable data pipelines either in batch or real-time
  2. Data Transformation: Acquired data is cleansed, deduplicated and enriched in order to deliver best possible data quality for Relex forecasting and planning tools
  3. Data Delivery: Cleansed, normalized and enriched data is transferred into Relex system through desired pipelines

Average Cost of Poor Data across All Industries (Gartner)
Loss of revenue due to poor data according to MIT Sloan Research
Largest GDPR fine in 2023. Avoid fines with Data Governance and Security
Cost of poor data in the United States economy according to IBM

Data Quality Impact in Retail

There are three major areas of impact due to poor data quality in retail:

Forecasting and Revenue

Without accurate data, retailers struggle to predict demand correctly, optimize promotions, do shelf planning etc. resulting in sub-optimal revenue

Consumer Experience

Without accurate planning, consumers will face on-shelf-availability issues, ineffective promotions and poor overall in-store experience

Inventory Cost

Perpetual inventory management requires accurate data for both inputs and outputs. Supply chain issues, shoplifting and other leakage can results in a snowball effect with inventory issues and lead to costly challenges

Business Outcomes for Using Data Hub for Relex

Improved Quality for Forecasting and Demand Planning Drive Sales Performance
Improved Inventory Accuracy
for Fulfillment
Data Anomaly Reporting to Improve
Source System's Data Quality
Abstraction of Source Systems
Protect from Future Changes

Why Choose Kloud9 Data Hub for Relex?

Built by experts

Our experts have kept your IT landscape in mind while building Data Hub to ensure it is compatible with any source systems, easy to implement, time and cost efficient through easy configuration and robust performance

Integrate your data seamlessly

Pool data from all sources and protocols into a single, unified dataset

User-friendly interface

Data Hub makes your business and IT easily navigate and explore your data with ease – ensuring you focus on your business while the Data Hub does the backend job for you

Security at the heart

Your enterprise data resides with you and none other. With role-based access and security protocols tightly integrated, you can rest assured that you have complete control over your data

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