Intelligent Workforce Management (WFM)

❝ Gartner defines Intelligent Workforce Management as a solution composed of software, services and (often) hardware that helps organizations to manage the operational deployment of their workers. ❞

Intelligent Workforce Management solutions using Artificial Intelligence (AI) have huge potential to transform business and HR operations by supporting new and improved ways of working. According to Gartner, the global enterprise value derived from AI continues to increase and is expected to reach up to $3.9 trillion by 2022.

Employee disconnect is costing organizations speed & money and they are facing challenges like:

  • Misalignment of talent and strategy
  • Poor data quality
  • Unsatisfied previous hires
  • Vacancies stay unified over 12 weeks
  • Limited diversity
  • Talent shortage and more…

In such cases, Kloud9 and AI come to the rescue!!!

Kloud9 Intelligent Workforce Management Talent Studio is positioned to support organizations to scale and grow through the use of advanced AI and delivery of analytics, forecasting and capacity planning capabilities.

AI has changed the nature of modern work, including the field of Workforce Management. Kloud9 Intelligent Workforce Management Talent Studio is at the forefront of this Cognitive Transformation. We have built a highly advanced Artificial Intelligence-led Workforce Management solution that will make daily tasks of managers, HR representatives and employees seamless.

Kloud9 aims to build the customer’s WFM strategy by setting up an efficient digital workplace with Cognitive Intelligence capabilities. According to Gartner, by 2023, at least 99% of new WFM application sales will leverage cloud-based deployment models and that is good news for cloud-native organizations like Kloud9!

AI-based Workforce Management tools like Kloud9’s Talent Studio transform Workforce Management and enable decision makers to anticipate and make short and long-term plans. They also improve Workforce Management by helping to predict short and long-term scheduling and recruiting requirements, communicating with staff, and bringing customers in contact with the right agent at the right time.

AI-driven Intelligent WFM Platform Framework

Talent connects multiple touchpoints (external and internal), uses AI algorithms and supervised ML to process the results that are best suited to business needs.

Smart Hiring, Deploying,
Re-deploying, Benefits

Allows HR teams understand relevant, available, and needed skills and pair them with the relevant opportunities. It also enables recruiters to set a positive tone with a seamless onboarding experience thereby making things easier for the new hire and his/her manager.

Schedule &
Demand Management

Helps to determine optimal schedules and efficiency gains of employees. Talent Studio leverages AI models for employee schedule optimization where schedules can be assigned using uniquely identifiable metrics, attributes, and preferences of each employee.

Engagement &

Provides a platform for seamless communication and collaboration between employees. This boosts productivity, increases performance, encourages better customer satisfaction, retains the best employees and enhances the company culture.

Time, Attendance, Skill Set Management

Provides businesses with attendance tools like clock-in, clock-out, and monitoring. Attendance information gathered through Talent Studio gives managers a 360 degree view of employee hours and helps them to better plan and manage work hours to easily control labor costs and increase productivity. Managers are also able to perform highly accurate assessments of employee skill sets.

Monitor Operations &

Enables managers to keep track of employees, their clocked time and productivity levels.

Analytics, Insights &

Enables the HR department and managers to identify insights and solve business challenges like turnover, overtime and headcount.
Kloud9’s AI-led WFM-Talent Studio is equipped with completely decoupled architecture that allows customers to deploy fast and avoid tech lock-in. Kloud9 is leading the effort to apply AI the right way and to continue finding new areas of application across various areas of workforce management.

Key features of the Talent Studio include

service design

device-agnostic experience



Built-in scalable change management to drive adoption

Core foundation for digital workplace service

Our Intelligent Workforce Management Talent Studio aims at transforming Talent Acquisition with 3X more qualified and diverse matches in half the time thereby unlocking workforce productivity and potential across the client organization.

Advantages of Kloud9’s WFM Solution


Redaction in time for finding talent


Improvement In finding the right talent


Redaction in recruitment

50% – 100%



  • Find Existing Employees that Align to the role needs & realize speed to productivity
  • Identify best-fit new candidates faster from external sources & Al-powered selections


  • Quickly identify and categorize workforce talent
  • Make smarter personal decisions faster

Full Talent Data

  • Fresh & Complete talent data from hundreds of sources


  • Save Money by sourcing talent from your current workforce
  • Reduce operating expenses and free up capital
  • Reduce Attrition rates with employees in roles aligned to their skills

Candidate Engagement

  • Automated & optimized candidate engagement




Operating Expense



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Kloud9 utilizes sophisticated AI algorithms and techniques to deliver the full potential of our intelligent WFM solution. Our team of AI experts further tailor our unique and agile WFM solution that makes it uniquely specific for your enterprise to enable professionals to leverage the power and value of AI solutions for their organization.

With automated, efficient and AI-led Workforce Management solutions in place, organizations can make use of their greatest asset – PEOPLE – to their fullest potential.

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