Data Engineering

Accelerate Cognitive Transformation

According to Gartner, “The increasing diversity of data, and the need to provide the right data to the right people at the right time, has created the demand for the Data Engineering practice. Data and Analytics leaders must integrate the Data Engineering discipline into their Data Management strategy”.

Organizations across Retail, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, and Healthcare are facing challenges when it comes to managing large amounts of data. Some of these challenges include:

  • Getting/Managing huge volumes of data from multiple sources
  • Syncing across various data sources
  • Unlocking value out of unstructured text data
  • Manage real-time streaming data (such as data from IoT devices)
  • Building a 360° – degree view of customer data by eliminating data silos
  • Integrated view of historical and current data for insights and analytics
  • Integrating data to support Machine Learning models
  • Poor Data Quality Issues
  • Governance/Accessibility challenges

According to a report by Business Wire, the global Big Data implementation and Data Engineering market is expected to hit the $77.37 billion mark by 2023. To sort and analyze this huge amount of data, businesses require a data ecosystem and data experts to provide them with useful insights to make informed business decisions. Several organizations find it challenging to transform their data and information pipelines into robust systems and this is where Kloud9’s Data Engineering practice comes into action!

At Kloud9 we have highly specialized Data Scientists who guide clients through a robust Cognitive Transformation strategy encompassing Data Engineering, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Technologies, and more to digitize their businesses.

New Enterprise Data Platfom Modernization Service!

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Kloud9’s Data Engineering Framework

Through innovative solution accelerators and frameworks, Kloud9 provides businesses with Data Engineering services with a focus on AI and ML adoption across industries such as Retail, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, and Healthcare.

Our solution accelerators are designed to accelerate the complete life cycle of Data Transformation, Data Management and Cognitive Transformation covering:

Data Acquisition & Consolidation

Data is splashed across locations, infrastructures, delivery methods, and silos. Our team of data experts will virtually unite disparate data locations and collect, format, and ingest data by:

  • Providing consistent management, operations & automation
  • Navigation of data sets
  • Making data sets portable between infrastructures

Data Acquisition & Consolidation includes placing all organizational data in one integrated place which results in ease of information management, improved productivity, reduction in operational cost, and using customer data for better outcomes.

Data Wrangling

Our Data Wrangling Experts will help you get clean data from raw formats by cleansing, transforming, and mapping it to the right downstream purpose such as Modeling / Analytics using cutting edge automation strategies on the Cloud.

Data Wrangling enables businesses organizations across the Retail, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, and Healthcare sector to tackle complex data problems quickly, produce accurate results, and make informed decisions.

Data Cataloging

Metadata is the foundation for more intelligent control of data. Our data experts help create managed and scalable metadata management systems that empower organizations to quickly discover, manage and understand all their data in the Cloud. Offers central and more secure Data Cataloging across the Cloud, allowing organizations to have a unified view of all their data assets (thus maintaining a data inventory for the entire organization).

Kloud9’s business-ready Data Cataloging provides enterprises across the Retail, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, and Healthcare industry with high-quality data, which is easily accessible, to develop meaningful business insights, derive value, make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge.

Data Governance

Data Trust is one of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at any organization for the successful delivery of initiatives. We empower Data Users, stewards, and Data Architects with a proven 3-phased approach in establishing Governance including Data Profiling at Source, Master Data Governance, and Data Quality Metrics and Scorecards.

Through Data Governance, Kloud9 provides clients with business advantages such as improved data management, reduced costs, standardized processes, quick resolutions for data related issues, and better adherence to compliance and regulations.

Data Democratization

Our teams work with clients on Data Democratization, Application Modernization, and other initiatives, and provide augmented assistance from Data Discovery (of PII assets), Automated Policy Management and help remove bureaucracy for leveraging data without much delay.

With Data Democratization enterprises get a 360° view of their customer: saving time, uncovering more insights, and making better decisions.

Data Modeling & Analysis

Our Machine Learning and Data Science experts help develop robust and sensible predictive models using Statistical/ML/Deep Learning techniques and operationalize the models on an enterprise-wide BI platform for the end user’s consumption.

Kloud9’s Data Modeling & Analysis services provide clients across Retail, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, and Healthcare with an integrated view of physical, conceptual, and logical data models, ensuring that the right information is used, understood, and trusted across the entire organization.

Kloud9’s Data Engineering Framework is

  • Built around the Unified Cloud Data Platform Framework
  • Enables quick go-to-market in less than 3 months
  • Accelerated data ingestion across a large variety/volume of data with cost savings of ~25%
  • Allows easy-to-use self-service Data Discovery and Exploration

Kloud9’s 6 Key Data Engineering Unique Selling Proposition

Outcome driven services with an end-to-end approach

We work closely with the customer teams to understand business goals and help to navigate the new cloud. We provide information on data engineering technologies on the market, compare and contrast the various design options to make technology and architecture decisions for long term success.

Depth of expertise over breadth of

Kloud9 has a team of highly specialized experts with hands-on experience implementing proprietary and open source technologies like Databricks, Snowflake, Talend, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Scala and Spark. We focus on the “depth” approach in every single dimension, including cost and quality.

Automated, process-driven

The Build-and-Deploy process is designed with long term reliability and CI/CD best practices that help to minimize issues with late, missing, or incorrect data. Our data quality automation provides proactive alerts for scenarios likely to cause issues.

Security-focused mindset, throughout the journey

Emphasis on automation, repeatability, monitoring, and process standardization minimizing human error, and risk. We deliver products/solutions by adopting  the required compliance regulations (e.g., GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA), from design and deployment to production.


For large volume enterprise data lakes starting from Source to Destination Data Engineering practices.

Strong Data

Providing customers with quality data and reliable automation for Internet scale data lakes within just a few weeks.
Some Of Our Successful Use Cases For Data Engineering Include
Order Data Management
Shipment & Delivery Forecasting
Product Data Management
Customer 360° Data Management
Location Data Management
Vendor Data Management
Inventory Management
Pricing &
Sales &

Kloud9 provides clients with complete, end-to-end Data Engineering services. If your organization wants to ensure that your data is available at the right place, right time, and in the right format then, contact us, TODAY!

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