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Automata is a continuous delivery platform framework that is focused on cloud operational excellence and time to market, without the hassle of setting up manual delivery pipelines. Automata is fully integrated with Google Cloud and container engine, but with a wide range of extensible features for other cloud platforms. Automata is a microservice deployment platform which provides custom autoscaling of GKE and Openshift, which has enabled the creation of a more reliable, highly resilient and fault tolerant microservices

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  • Facilitates a One-Click deployment that enhanced the continuous delivery pipelines in different Kubernetes workflow environments
  • Improved Security of microservices deployment with role-based IAM based (Admin, Build, Locker & Approver)
  • Automata reduce time to market as it automates the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications
  • Provide a single interface microservices automation which facilitates centralized configuration management (needed for reporting, verifying a successful deployment with rollback features)
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