Personalization Manager

Artificial Intelligence-led personalization engines have taken the world over to deliver exceptional experiences to their customers – be it to improve customer shopping journey, increase engagement & loyalty or improve sales conversions – to name a few! Using smart AI models, brands today have the power to completely tailor customer facing digital touchpoints to deliver personalized experiences unique to each customer.

Why Personalization?

Industry reports from McKinsey and others reveal:
71% Consumers today expect some level of personalized experience
54% Retailers claimed that right product recommendations have seen a yearly increase in their annual order value
80% Customers are more likely to do business with a brand when provided with a personalized experience

As the world move towards experience-driven economy, organizations strive to provide exceptional experiences to all its stakeholders to gain competitive advantage. While many organizations have jumped on the personalization bandwagon to implement common-off-the-shelf personalization solutions available in the market, we have developed an enterprise solution that seamlessly integrates with the multiple recommendation engines and deliver hyper-personalized experiences.

Kloud9 Personalization Manager using AI

Kloud9’s unique solution – Personalization Manager using AI – can seamlessly help you fast-track your hyper-personalization journey! Our state-of-the-art Personalization Manager is an AI-driven Intelligence Platform giving organizations the ability to compare & explore multiple personalization engines in parallel. With easy plug-n-play mechanisms and detailed model performance comparison reports, our solution not just helps you achieve your personalization goals but also mitigates challenges of using single recommendation engine.


AI-driven solution with configurable rules & mappings
Admin UI to manage business objectives & view reports
Multi-model & multiclass classification approach
Automated model Hyperparameter training, scoring & switching
Initial training data gathering using traffic split mechanism


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