Reinforcing the Data + AI/ML Ecosystem for the Manufacturing Sector

According to the IDC Report, Making the Case for Machine Learning in Manufacturing, “Manufacturing represents $4.5 trillion of the overall $18 trillion digital transformation (DX) opportunity. Machine Learning is an essential technology to deploy across the value chain to realize this opportunity.”

Although there is a huge Industrial Revolution in the manufacturing industry, many organizations are facing technology challenges such as

  • Disparate systems with huge volume of unstructured data
  • No clear vision or roadmap for digital business transformation
  • Dearth of unified platforms that facilitate seamless data storage and sharing
  • Inability to derive value from data and make informed decisions

For businesses that face these challenges, AI/ML is a top technology priority as it provides transformation of business models, initiates new operating processes and monetizes information for unprecedented levels of productivity. These organizations are accelerating cognitive transformation for long-term growth and profitability.

Manufacturers are increasingly adopting Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning technologies Including data collected from connected IoT devices for processing through applications across business functions. As a result, they are noticing measurable business benefits across key metrics.

According to a recent survey by Deloitte, Machine Learning is reducing unplanned machinery downtime between 15 – 30%, increasing production throughput by 20%, reducing maintenance costs by 30%, and delivering up to a 35% increase in quality.

Focusing on an “AI-First” approach, Kloud9 ensures that when it comes to digital data infrastructure, our Manufacturing clients remain at the top of their game. We leverage Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to capture deeper insights, anticipate customer needs and proactively deliver across every touchpoint. We rely heavily on data and analytics to support innovation, technology and offerings, which makes decision making more informed and accurate.

Use Cases Adapted by a Majority of Manufacturers

Smart Predictive Maintenance

Kloud9 ML models help predict when the machine or the equipment is likely to fail and recommend the optimal schedule to undertake maintenance activities to avoid breakdown. Manufacturers can leverage the insights through data to analyze the root causes and identify the drivers of equipment downtime to avoid such scenarios in the Future.

Smart Quality Inspection

Kloud9 ML models help to detect quality defects through computer vision/image recognition technology.

Demand Planning

Kloud9 ML solutions help to predict future demand for products by learning from patterns in demand and environmental data. Manufacturers and brands that leverage ML solutions to predict the changes in customer demand can make the necessary changes to the production schedules and raw material procurement with more clarity and confidence.

Process Management and Quality Improvement

Manufacturers use Kloud9’s Data + AI/ML solutions to closely monitor operations and understand the attributes that significantly affect product quality.

Knowledge Optimization

Using Kloud9’s GenAI based framewoks, manufacturers make the most of their knowledge resources enabling employees, partners and clients to tap into AI driven chatbots. This allows for effctive self service limiting L1/L2 tickets an training

Success Story

Kloud9 implemented two use cases for a leading manufacturing company focussed on roofing materials for residential and commercial applications.

Machine Learning enabled keyword forecasting and analytics

Leveraged keyword-based analytics on multiple websites to gain insight into better marketing strategy and customer brand awareness.


  • Used time-series analysis of the search keywords with tools like Google Trends to anticipate keyword popularity levels, find differences in temporal and geographical dimensions for those search terms.
  • Used past data to analyse the popularity of a given search term to predict its future popularity.
  • Find dependencies, correlations, casualties (leading/lagging) between those search terms and use them to increase the accuracy of the predictions.
  • Recommend marketing strategies based on those to maximize profit.

Web development to enhance client’s B2B application

Leveraged sophisticated ML methods to optimize web development across multiple teams responsible for various sites across various channels, i.e., Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, and various parts of web pages.


  • Prepare page renderings for different devices / OS/ browsers
  • Use simple statistical methods to catch anomalies and calculate anomaly score
  • Performed anomaly detection with anomaly score output, that the client’s business teams use to focus on the worst anomalies

Kloud9’s Cognitive Intelligence solutions help manufacturing organizations improve and implement important business KPIs such as execution of new initiatives, productivity, product reliability, quality, safety and yield, while reducing downtime and significantly lowering costs.

If you are a manufacturing organization looking to accelerate your operations to bring substantial value throughout the manufacturing value chain, using Data, AL/ML and Cloud solutions then Contact Us to explore the complete roadmap for your Cognitive Business Transformation.

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