Your Cognitive Transformation Journey is Powered by Kloud9’s AI/ML-led Accelerators

Kloud9 Data Engineering & Data Science experts have developed a powerful set of Accelerators that enable organizations across Retail, Consumer Goods, Healthcare and Manufacturing to adopt advanced analytics and make data-driven business decisions.

With our “AI-First” approach, Kloud9 Accelerators help in scaling AI/ML across customer enterprises, unleashing the power of data for significant business impact.

Benefits of Kloud9 Accelerators

Bridging gaps in data to ensure better data quality
Aids more accurate decision making
Intuitive data retrieval due to enhanced data accessibility
Reusable Al/ML data management components
Efficient data transformation resulting in optimised data flow
Tested and robust production ready data assets for seamless CI/CD deployment
Combines data from multiple sources providing 360-degree view of data
Reuse and extend Kloud9 tools & accelerators across migration use cases with minimal changes to configuration

Kloud9 Accelerators

Kloud9 Pipeline Builder
Data Quality Validation Framework
Watchtower for Data-drift Detection
Custom Reporting Dashboard
Big Data Validator
Big Data Denormalizer
Big Data Merger
New Records Detector
Feature Selector
Feature Transformer
Model Trainer
Model Scorer
Feature Store Pipeline
Training Pipeline
Data Drift Detector
Inference Pipeline
Metrics Generator
Contract Testing
Using Pact Flow
Hybrid framework with Page Object Model & Reporting Integration with Slack
Test-driven Development Framework

Kloud9 facilitates AI/ML processes and increases the predictive power of data for customers across Retail, Consumer Goods, Healthcare and Manufacturing industries.

To start or accelerate your Data Science and Data Engineering journey, get in touch with us.