AI Driven Infrastructure

Making Cloud Infrastructure Intelligent

Software defined infrastructure is not dead. It’s a means to an end where AI driven Infrastructure takes over to create an enhanced, self-sufficient IT infrastructure. AI, Machine Learning and sophisticated algorithms are leveraged to change existing infrastructure operations to a truly intelligence driven IT environment.

Our Approach

Kloud9’s proprietary AIDI Platform enables continuous monitoring of Cloud infrastructure and provides clients with real-time recommendations for right sizing their cloud infrastructure and optimizing and lowering their cloud billing costs.

Better ROI

Scale automatically to identify opportunity with big potential returns

Time to Market

Develop & deploy models based on data patterns for 100% availability


Proactively analyze the infrastructure minimizing human intervention

Quick Solutions

Reduce IT infrastructure costs by using the most optimal components

Heightened Security

Identify Possible Infrastructure anomalies to prevent system downtime

User Experiences

Autonomously take action to enable error-free infrastructure for efficiency

Success Story

One of the most sought after retailers in North America and Europe was in the process of transforming their IT ecosystem and had invested heavily in Cloud Infrastructure and systems. They were faced with a variety of issues related to costs, provisioning and demand planning for their systems during peak seasons. They were unable to accurately predict when their resources would need to be de-allocated.