Cost Optimization & Dynamic Scaling For Effective Cloud Infrastructure Management


The Client is a $5 Billion retailer that operates its stores in Canada, the United States and parts of Europe including Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany.


The client who is one of the most sought after retailers in North America and Europe was in the process of transforming their IT ecosystem and had invested heavily in Cloud Infrastructure and systems. They were faced with a variety of issues related to costs, provisioning and demand planning for their systems during peak seasons. They also were not able to predict accurately when their resources need to be de-allocated.


After analyzing and reviewing the client’s infrastructure and applications, there was a mutual agreement to implement Kloud9’s proprietary AIDI platform. Kloud9’s AIDI platform enabled continuous monitoring of their Cloud infrastructure and allowed for the real-time recommendations for right sizing their cloud infrastructure for peak events as well as optimize and lower their cloud billing costs.


By Implementing Kloud9’s AIDI platform, the retailer Without any human intervention was able to manage the following tasks:

Planning: Analyze the demand trends and predict the infrastructure requirements and plan accordingly.

  • Horizontally or vertically scale necessary resources real-time to cater for peak scenarios.
  • De-allocating the resources when they are not needed anymore

Run & Maintain

Use the model to achieve the most optimum parameters such as availability, scalability, storage.

React or proactively act based on the single/group of infrastructure components. Autonomously take action to enable error-free infrastructure.

By analyzing patterns and models using Kloud9’s AIDI platform, the retailer was able to reduce and optimize usage of 70% of their systems in the first 6 months

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