Automata Micro

Automata Micro automates the whole CI/CD pipeline and deployment orchestration without any manual intervention. It is a microservices deployment platform which provides custom auto-scaling. Automata Micro simplifies microservices deployment from development to production in a hassle-free way using easy-to-use YAML configuration files.

What Does Automata Micro Solve?

Automata Micro allows DevOps teams to focus on productive work by automating the CI/CD processes involving mundane tasks. Once the code is pushed to the source control system, Automata Micro takes over and begins the automation process. Users can track each and every stage of their deployment pipeline with easy to navigate micro UI along with real-time tracking and logging. Automata Micro is also equipped with a role-based access control system which tracks user activities like deployments, logins, rollbacks and so on.

Automata Micro Features

Automata Micro is a microservice deployment platform which addresses the deployment challenges like source code control and version control of artifacts, while supporting authentication and orchestration, security and log auditing introspects microservices. Our framework provides customers with flexibility and agility to adopt the traditional 4-stage environment deployment or include other additional setups like Release Dev, Release QA, and more.


One-click deployment enhances CI/CD Pipelines for Kubernetes environments


Improved security of microservices deployment with IAM based on roles


Address agility & flexibility requriment for continuous CI/CD services


Centralized configration mangement using single interface microservices


Automates the deployment scaling & management of containerized applications


Auto-correct to restore normal operations without human intervention

Success Story

A leading fashion establishment had to sustain the increasing demand from market organizations and decide whether to opt for Microservices over Monolithic application. They needed a solution to handle the expected low deployment turnaround time, necessity for Continuous Deployment (CD) and faster time to market during peak events.
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