Automata Micro – One-Click Deployment Framework For Continuous Business Delivery


A leading fashion establishment had to sustain the increasing demand from market organizations and decide whether to opt for Microservices over Monolithic application. They needed a solution to handle the expected low deployment turnaround time, necessity for Continuous Deployment (CD) and faster time to market during peak events.


  • Concerns regarding the deployment of multiple interconnected microservices in shorter cycles in their cloud environment.
  • Various interdependence factors among other microservices affecting CD.
  • Follow the protocols associated with microservices deployment (version control, source code control, workflow protocols).
  • Support orchestration and authentication of microservices.
  • Compatibility with various deployment environments (Kubernetes, Jenkins, OpenShift).


Automata is a one-click deployment framework for the continuous delivery platform that concentrates on cloud operational excellence and time to market, with automated configuration of delivery pipelines. Automata is fully integrated with Google cloud and container engine, but with rich extensible features for other cloud. It reduces manual intervention but also ensures security and throughput while addressing and controlling the access at user/environment levels.


  • One-click deployment that enhanced the continuous delivery pipelines in different Kubernetes workflow environments (LLE, HLE and PROD Environments)
  • Improved security of microservices deployment with IAM based on roles (Admin, Build, Locker & Approver)
  • Reduced time to market as it automates the deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications.
  • Single interface microservices automation which facilitates a centralized configuration management (needed for reporting, verifying a successful deployment with rollback features)

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