Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

AI, ML, Deep Learning (DL), Cloud, Microservice Architecture, and Agile Cloud DevOps are collectively ushering in massive disruption across sectors such as Retail, Consumer Goods, Healthcare and Manufacturing. The cloud has become a key enabler for innovation across enterprises, with business benefits like high availability, unlimited capacity, and on-demand scalability and elasticity.

At Kloud9, we build agile software delivery pipelines, deploy and monitor services, and help customers manage and learn from incidents.

We understand the need for the latest incident management techniques and dynamically scaling infrastructure. We help our clients and customers across industries reach the ultimate goal of the satisfying customer experience through increased innovation and time to market.

Cloud Migration services

If your business-critical applications and databases work with massive data volumes or complex environments needing operational support, it requires refactoring when migrating to the Cloud. With Kloud9’s Cloud Migration services, businesses can accelerate their time to market and mitigate migration risk. Aided with our automated tools that reduce downtime and increase business continuity, our Cloud Migration expertise means organizations have access to support before, during and after their cloud migration.

Kloud9 Cloud Migration services provide organizations the much needed tools, automation, and expertise to successfully execute a secure migration to the cloud.

Our Approach

Moving applications to the Cloud requires planning and a well thought out strategy with efficient ways to migrate it. Kloud9 enables enterprises to formulate Cloud Migration strategies and guides them to develop new tools and approaches to operate in the Cloud. We provide an increasingly agile, efficient and scalable environment ensuring faster time to market, reducing IT complexities, lowering operational cost and upfront investments.

Automated & Industrialized approach

Tools and templates – driven approach assures faster adoption for operating businesses.

Progress Visibility

Dashboards & reports to have better transparency and for tracking in an effective manner.

Progress Visibility

Compliance with data privacy regulations through Al, automation and analytics.

Siloes to Integrated Model

End-to-end cloud life cycle including Apps, Infra, Data and Edge devices in a manner that maximizes its business value.

Better Control & Governance

Proven methodologies, in-house tools, and solution accelerators for cost effective, seamless cloud migrations and governance.

Our Cloud Migrations Capabilities Includes

  • Cloud Migration Consulting
  • Cloud Modernization
  • Cloud Optimization
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud Backup
  • Cloud Maintenance & Support

Benefits of Kloud9 Cloud Migration Services

We help customers get cloud RIGHT!

Why Partner With Kloud9

“Helping Enterprises Across Retail, Consumer, Manufacturing & Healthcare Make Smart Decisions.”


TTM reduced by 45% through shorter SDLC


IT spend reduction through consumption-based models


On-demand big data infrastructure deployed in 1 hour


Enterprises have adopted a hybrid cloud strategy

Success Story

The client is a leading retailer located in the Hudson Bay area, USA. They wanted to conduct a detailed feasibility case study on migrating their current IBM Sterling OMS version 9.4 along with the associated ecosystem to AWS Cloud.
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