Cloud DevOps

Cloud DevOps

AI, ML, Deep Learning (DL), Cloud, Microservice Architecture, and Agile Cloud DevOps are collectively ushering in massive disruption across sectors such as Retail, Consumer Goods, Healthcare and Manufacturing. The cloud has become a key enabler for innovation across enterprises, with business benefits like high availability, unlimited capacity, and on-demand scalability and elasticity.

At Kloud9, we build agile software delivery pipelines, deploy and monitor services, and help customers manage and learn from incidents.

We understand the need for the latest incident management techniques and dynamically scaling infrastructure. We help our clients and customers across industries reach the ultimate goal of the satisfying customer experience through increased innovation and time to market.

Cloud DevOps Services

Kloud9 DevOps services enable enterprises to drive their application modernization and take advantage of new technologies. We use a full set of services to accelerate cognitive transformation using Data+AI/ML.

With the right set of Cloud DevOps tools, Kloud9 helps development teams create new applications and migrate existing ones to the cloud faster and easily. We operationalize organizational infrastructure at scale and deliver applications and services at high velocity, enabling our customers to remain competitive in this agile world.  Having the right management solutions for applications modernized for the cloud, built around AI to predict issues, Kloud9 Cloud DevOps solutions resolve issues before they impact end-users.

Our Approach

We help customers build their infrastructure with microservices as the building blocks, by enabling small autonomous teams to develop, deploy and scale their respective services independently. Thus, responding to customer needs in real time.

Kloud9 Cloud DevOps approach makes use of agile, automation and lean principles that enable enterprises to shorten their go-to-market cycles and improve the quality of deliverables. Continuous Integration (CI) is a modern software development practice involving frequent and reliable incremental code changes. The code is then delivered quickly and seamlessly as a part of the Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CD) process.

Kloud9 Cloud DevOps Approach


Combine Agile and Scrum practices to enable frequent micro incremental releases


Involves core development tasks, sandbox environments and frameworks


Code is built and passed through version control


Automated tests are run to
validate the correctness
of the code


Includes repository commits and adequate documentation of the changes


Runnable code that has passed all pre-defined tests is ready to by deployed on deploy environments


Consists of monitoring and orchestration once the code has gone live


Includes application monitoring & consists of data collection, analysis & feedback to the start of the pipeline

By implementing Kloud9 Cloud DevOps, enterprises across Retail, Consumer Goods, Healthcare and Manufacturing can invest more time in building sustainable products, thus streamlining the development process and making more compatible apps. With careful planning and implementation of Kloud9 CI/CD pipelines, customers can find and fix defects faster and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Kloud9 Cloud DevOps

  • Cloud based integration with CI/CD operations to assure business continuity & eliminate downtime
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration between internal teams
  • Infrastructure optimization reduce cloud complexities & system upkeep
  • Inline security with automated processes reduce incidents & imbibe security controls from start
  • Scalability, availability & capacity for maximum resource optimization with one-click deployment
  • Lower project costs due to customized cloud-based pricing models
  • Faster time to market through faster development & deployment processes
  • Provides an orchestration layer to support the automation of processes

Our Cloud DevOps Capabilities include

  • Expertise building automated ML pipelines
  • Helping clients adopt to DevOps at an enterprise level with “Cloud First DevOps Only” model
  • KPI led approach to managing customer’s Cloud environment for effective operations

Kloud9 helps customers cut short, long development cycles and embrace new cloud application development tools and processes to streamline the CI/CD and DevOps culture. We work with a wealth of data including code repositories, issue tracking systems, build systems, and deployment systems, that help to deliver customer applications more efficiently and effectively. We also use extensive data analysis to provide valuable insights resulting in informed decision making.

Kloud9’s Cloud DevOps experts (engineers and technical thought leaders) are responsible for delivery of development operations that bring about balanced service reliability and speed across client organizations.

Success Story

A leading fashion establishment wanted to contain their infrastructure scaling problem during peak hours and off season. They needed a solution that optimized their infrastructure needs such as server provisioning, configuration management, automated builds, code deployments and monitoring and Kloud9 provided them with that and more.
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