Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Accelerating Cognitive Transformation With Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Kloud9 is a proud Google Cloud partner enabling customers to build applications faster, make smarter business decisions, connect people across geographies and invest in Cloud with confidence. We leverage Google Cloud’s cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Cloud platform to deliver transformative results and help customers innovate faster.

Our capabilities on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are focused on Application Development, Infrastructure Development, Cognitive Transformation with proven expertise in Data Analytics, AI, ML, Cloud Migration, and Security solutions. Our GCP services and solutions are centred around organizations in Retail, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, and Healthcare enabling them to modernize their applications and IT landscape, deploy pragmatic AI/ML solutions and leverage the power of Cloud solutions and Data at scale.

Google Cloud Data Analytics and AI/ML Solutions

With Google Cloud’s Data Cloud, businesses can unify data across their organizations. With a simplified AI-first approach, Kloud9’s cognitive transformation is unmatched for speed, scale, and security with AI built-in.

AI/ML, one of the core components of Google Data Cloud solution, helps organizations build improved insights and automate core business processes using data as the core. As a Google Cloud Partner, Kloud9 helps businesses run faster and smoother while finding new ways to delight customers, all this and more by leveraging the best of Google’s AI and ML engines. We harness the power of Google AI for customer’s business benefit, accelerating business impact and providing tools and frameworks to interpret ML models.

Google Cloud Smart Analytics generates instant insights from data at any scale with a serverless, fully managed analytics platform that significantly simplifies analytics.

Just like at Google, AI is in our DNA. As a Google Cloud Platform Partner, Kloud9 enables faster data-informed decisions and deeper ML-driven innovation for enterprises to scale smarter and stay secure.

Our Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Industry Solutions

Kloud9’s GCP solutions can be used across industries such as Retail and Consumer Goods, Healthcare, and Manufacturing. Our GCP solutions help businesses improve efficiency and agility, reduce cost, implement new business models, and capture new market opportunities, across industries.

Retail Solutions with Google Cloud

We work with large Retailers to solve their data-related problems. Our Cognitive Intelligence offerings enable organizations to transform operations and provide digital experiences. As a Google Cloud Partner, Kloud9 helps businesses unlock growth opportunities with painless implementations and innovative solutions.

Consumer Goods Solutions with Google Cloud

Kloud9 is a trusted Cognitive Intelligence service and solutions partner, helping Consumer Goods organizations solve their most complex business problems and unlock value across the supply chain. With Google Cloud Solutions for Cognitive Transformation, businesses can unlock consumer growth, capture new routes to market and drive connected operations.

Healthcare Solutions with Google Cloud

Google Cloud’s solutions for Healthcare have changed the whole patient-care paradigm including but not limited to Pharmaceuticals and Medical devices, enable advanced research, and empower members of the Healthcare sector to continuously innovate and transform. Kloud9’s GCP solutions for Healthcare provides healthcare workers with efficient tools for unparalleled productivity along with secure and continuous patient care. It also empowers caretakers with seamless collaboration. These solutions enable professionals to make data-driven clinical and operational decisions. With these advancements, the Healthcare industry can now scale as quickly and extensively as they need.

Manufacturing Solutions with Google Cloud

Our GCP solutions for the Manufacturing industry promote greater collaboration, provide end-to-end visibility of processes using advanced data analytics and real-time insights, drive business outcomes, and optimize operations. We aim at placing digitization at the heart of the client’s innovation and growth strategy. For Manufacturing clients, we leverage Google Cloud’s AI suite to unravel new insights for innovation, accelerate engineering and design processes with high-performance computing.

Leveraging Google Cloud offerings, Kloud9 accelerates organizations ability to digitally transform their business with industry-leading infrastructure solutions and pathways to cognitive intelligence. We deliver enterprise-grade cognitive transformation services solutions that leverage Google’s cutting-edge technology. Our customers across the globe have chosen Kloud9 as their trusted partner to accelerate their growth with the Google Cloud Platform.

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