Amazon Web Services (AWS)

From Cloud to AI

Enabling Enterprise-Wide Innovation and Transformation With Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Due to the rapid increase in the variety, velocity, and volume of data, AWS’s suite of products focuses on innovation and implementation of robust solutions, bringing a client-centric approach to all their offerings.

At Kloud9, we are always looking to help our customers get the most out of the Cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS). As an AWS Partner, Kloud9 is uniquely positioned to help businesses take full advantage of all that AWS has to offer and accelerate their journey to the Cloud.

With solid expertise in the AWS Suite of products, Kloud9 provides Retail, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, and Healthcare customers solutions that run on or are integrated with AWS. We also offer consulting, professional, and managed services to help customers design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads on AWS.

As a trusted AWS Partner, Kloud9 helps businesses across industries such as Retail, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing and Healthcare unlock growth opportunities with painless implementations and innovative solutions.

Leading the Way with AWS Bedrock AI Framework

Amazon Bedrock is a fully managed service that offers a choice of high-performing foundation models (FMs) from leading AI companies like AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Cohere, Meta, Mistral AI, Stability AI, and Amazon via a single API, along with a broad set of capabilities you need to build generative AI applications with security, privacy, and responsible AI.

With Kloud9 and Bedrock, you can build AI solutions for your use case, privately customize them with your data using techniques such as fine-tuning and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), and build agents that execute tasks using your enterprise systems and data sources.

Kloud9’s AWS Solutions for AI provides a range of tools that capture, analyze, visualize, and execute business data driving new ways to achieve efficiency and reduce costs.

Retail Solutions With Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Retail technology solutions are at the core of Kloud9’s IT offerings. Kloud9 utilizes AWS to create exceptional experiences built for the future of Retail, improving insights, optimizing operations, and transforming customer experiences.

Kloud9 is a pioneer in accelerating AWS based cognitive transformations with purpose-built offerings for Retailers. Building on our years of innovation in the Retail sector, our AWS based industry-leading solutions enable Retailers to transform their entire value chain.

Consumer Goods Solutions With Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Creates several advantages for organizations such as transparency, efficiency, and improved operations. These solutions are equipped with advanced AWS capabilities that help Consumer Goods companies solve complex problems. Leveraging AWS solutions, Kloud9 aims to lead cognitive transformation and accelerate innovation for businesses in the Consumer Goods sector.

Kloud9’s AWS Solutions for Consumer Goods industry provides a range of tools that capture, analyze, visualize, and execute business data driving new ways to achieve efficiency and reduce costs. Kloud9 specializes in tools such as AWS Forecast, Amazon Personalize, AWS Artificial Intelligence, AI tools: Amazon Pinpoint, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Recognition, Amazon Translate, and more.

Healthcare Solutions With Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Are a set of purpose-built services and solutions that are used globally by Healthcare providers, payors, and health tech organizations to transform their business and patient care. AWS for Healthcare provides advanced capabilities that help organizations increase the pace of innovation, unlock the potential of health data, and develop more personalized approaches to therapeutic development and care. Kloud9 provides Healthcare customers with health solutions and services to help them innovate and transform the future of health with AWS.

Manufacturing Solutions With Amazon Web Services (AWS)

As a preferred AWS Partner, Kloud9 is a Cloud provider with proven experience in Manufacturing operations. Kloud9 enables Manufacturing businesses to transform their manufacturing operations with the most comprehensive and advanced set of AWS based Cloud solutions, using cutting edge automation, data, and AI/ML technologies.

Kloud9 used the AWS Cloud to help Manufacturers cognitively transform in multiple process areas to improve business operations.

Using AWS Solutions, Kloud9 Is On A Mission To Accelerate Innovation And Provide Customers With Digital Experiences And Intelligent Insights

As an AWS partner Kloud9 has services to help you build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability, and reliability. With our AWS expertise, Kloud9 will accelerate your journey to the Cloud.

Kloud9 has the deep technical expertise and demonstrated success working with Retail, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, and Healthcare customers at scale in deploying solutions on AWS.

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