Refactoring Vendor Management System on Google Cloud for Americas Largest Retailer


The client is America’s largest departmental store with outlets across North America.


The retailer maintained a product work flow management system where their vendors and internal users would create products, update product details and then take them live both in the stores and online. The major drawback of this application was the UX and scalability. The application did not support bulk creation and updates of products because of scalability issues. Setting up of a product suite of 20 variants would take at least 2 days when all the information was available. This was primarily attributed to the application having been developed as a monolithic application and maintained on-premises. Any resource intensive task had to be only vertically scaled or else suffer from poor response times.


Kloud9 re-engineered the application as a highly scalable microservice architecture-based application which would help bulk management of products. Kloud9 deployed the application on Google Cloud Platform which brought down the infrastructure management costs and achieved faster development cycles. The product setup flow was brought down to a span of 2 hours marking a big achievement for the retailer. In addition to building a completely scalable portal, Kloud9 also integrated AUTOMATA, an in house tool developed by Kloud9 which helped in automating the deployment process and repetitive tasks.


With the new refactored vendor management system, the client was able to reduce the setup times for their vendors from 2 days to 2 hours which enabled higher availability of products in the Inventory. Infusing the abilities of AUTOMATA into the system gave the retailer the option of automating their deployments which helped reducing mundane tasks and also freeing up internal resources which could be deployed for other Tasks.

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