Gravity Deliver OMNI Channel Solution For Completing Customer Transactions In-Store


A leading US based department store wanted to revamp their POS to be truly Omni Channel by allowing customers to add items from other stores to their cart as well to improve fulfillment and be able to accept returned orders that were purchased on any channel. They wanted to enable a paperless loyalty cash option once orders have been returned.


  • The systems in place within the organization were distributed where the orders were placed by an Ecommerce platform powered by Oracle Commerce and the orders details were captured and fulfilled by IBM Sterling OMS.
  • They also wanted a system which could be intelligent enough to capture whether the items returned were placed online or in store even though there were no behavioral changes to the Item.


After careful consideration of the available solutions in the market, Kloud9 suggested and Implemented TCx Gravity across the stores to enable a seamless experience for the customers and executives across channels. With this system, the store executives would be able to search for orders, items and loyalty cash across stores without any limitations and reduce the load of creating reports by automating the report generation function.


With this new system, the retailer entered a new phase in their Omni channel journey by empowering both the employees and customers with more information. They were able to reach an almost endless aisle situation as a customer would no longer have the limitation of buying the items that were only present in the store, they are in. The retailer also started getting a fresh perspective in to their customers as they started getting more timely automated reports to make course corrections in their strategy.

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