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Records Processed For Data Engineering & Data Science Projects


Records Processed For Data Engineering & Data Science Projects

Our Services

Kloud9’s Data Engineering Practice Drives Data & Analytics Success

We at Kloud9, have built a solid Data Engineering practice, providing Data Engineering services with a focus on AI and ML adoption across industries such as Retail, Consumer, Manufacturing & Healthcare, through our innovative solution accelerators and frameworks.

Our Data Engineering capabilities include

  • Data Acquisition & Consolidation
  • Data Wrangling
  • Data Cataloging
  • BI & Reporting
  • Data Migration Services
  • Data Governance
  • Data Democratisation
  • Modeling & Analysis

Kloud9‘s Data Engineering services are adaptable to all major cloud platforms, leverage 100% open-source technologies and have in-built security compliance with data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities.

Kloud9’s Data Science Solutions Empower Businesses With Cognitive Intelligence

At Kloud9, we work closely with our customers across Retail, Consumer Goods, Healthcare & Manufacturing to achieve a satisfying customer experience using modern technologies in AI, ML, Cloud and Automation, that transform Data into action-driven insights.

Kloud9’s specialized Data Scientists lay the foundation for Data Science and guide clients through a robust digital strategy encompassing Cloud, Tech, and Data Governance to predict and ensure the best outcomes for their business.

Kloud9’s Data Science Framework has four key pillars

  • Pattern Recognition & Feature Engineering
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Time Series Forecasting
  • Computer Vision & Image Recognition

Leverage The Power Of Cloud Engineering To Solve Business Problems

Cloud Engineering plays a vital role in enabling digital transformation for enterprises across Retail, Consumer Goods,Manufacturing & Healthcare industries. Kloud9’s Cloud Engineering practice simplifies purchase processes, speeds up delivery & ordering times, reduces cost, inventory levels, and brings more value to retailers.

Our Cloud Engineering expertise lies in Cloud Migration and Cloud DevOps services which ensure that the Retailers opt for the most feasible Cloud service provider to reduce risks, save cost, optimise Retail productivity and profitability over time, with exponential impact on their Mobile, Sales & Marketing and Operations.

Delivering Intelligent Enterprise Solutions Through AI/ML Automation

Kloud9 drives application modernisation across organisations with DevOps, MLOps, and DataOps solutions that take advantage of new age technologies to ensure that enterprise-wide business initiatives are deployed, embraced and scaled for maximum ROI. We enable development teams to create new applications and migrate existing ones to the Cloud, seamlessly.

Kloud9 offers the right management solutions for applications modernised for the Cloud (built around AI and ML) to predict issues. Our Automation solutions help organisations across Retail, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing & Healthcare to resolve issues even before they impact end-users, improving efficiency and productivity.

Technology Partners

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What Clients Are Saying About Us

Kloud9’s seamless support and ownership persistence helped our team to concentrate on other deliverables and lent some much-needed support.
Product Manager
American Multinational Footwear Corporation
You all have done a fantastic job, focusing on our main priorities and making a lot of headway. I feel we are getting back on tracks thank to you all.
Lead Product Manager
Leading American Footwear & Apparel Corporation
Kloud9 Team has always been a great addition to our internal team, they never miss the delivery data and also always deliver a very high-quality product. I want to particularly appreciate the efforts put in by Kloud9 Team members, for taking ownership on this project and all the long hours they have spent to deliver this product.
Lead Data Engineer
Authentic Athletic Footwear Organization
Congratulations to you and your team for all the hard work to reach this milestone and appreciate the partnership.

Congrats and thank you to your team.
Senior Director, Technical Product Management
American Multinational Corporation
Thanks everyone for your hard work, commitment and dedication to complete this project. I appreciate each and every individual who is part of this project.
Lead Engineer
FORTUNE 500 Multinational Corporation

Success Stories

Optimize Logistics & Supply Chain for Productivity planning using Machine Learning (ML)

  • Deep data analysis of why there were more shipments than “necessary”.
  • Implemented a Machine Learning (ML) model that predicts the number of shipments after completing the fulfillment process.

Refactor Vendor Management System for Statistical and Profitable Item Exposure

  • Implemented a product that systematically manages inventory availability for digital customers based on item profitability and rules, in order to increase the revenue and inventory utilization.

Customer Order Recovery Engine to Minimize Failure

  • Identify probability of failure for store fulfillment, minimize shipments, minimize cancellations.
  • Shipment cost reduction.
  • Improve CSAT significantly.

Automated Anomaly Detection and Prediction for America’s Largest Department Store

  • Built automated fraud detection alerts for Credit Card and Gift Card transactions.
  • Implemented anomaly detection alerts and dashboards for Store server anomaly detection.

On-Time Order Delivery Prediction

  • Accurately predict on-time order delivery probability.
  • Inform customer about any potential delays upfront.

Freight Forecasting for America’s Largest Department Store

  • Developed and implemented an analytical model to improve accuracy of forecasted units delivered to retail stores.

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